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HOW DID YOUR NAME ORIGINATE? Zifir means “tar” in English and “katran” or “zift” in Turkish. It was found very much related to band’s concept and as a result was chosen as band’s name. - WHERE WAS YOUR FIRST GIG AND HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE? Zifir doesn’t play live so far. We have plans for the future, will see. - WHEN WAS YOUR LAST DAY OFF AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT? I went to a concert, as usual. - WHAT IS SOMETHING - APART FROM YOUR PHONE OR WALLET - THAT HAS TO BE IN YOUR VICINITY AT ALL TIMES? I do not have special things like this to carry with me all the time. - WHICH SONG BY ANOTHER ARTIST DO YOU WISH YOU'D WRITTEN? Burzum – Dunkelheit - WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST SURREAL FAN MOMENT? Nothing special so far. Zifir
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