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Album of the Week: Mallory Knox - Mallory Knox

UK rock act Mallory Knox’ self-titled record will be released this Friday via A Wolf At Your Door Records and the band have unveiled a final taster from the album today.

‘Wherever’ continues the hard-riffing aesthetic that has manifested through the band since they became a four-piece. As bassist and vocalist Sam Douglas says “Wherever is collectively one of our favourites from the record. It was one of the last three songs to be recorded for the album. The song itself is about my want & need for something better but not having the drive & energy to do anything about it. It's my favourite off the album lyrically.”

Music is everything to Mallory Knox. They love it so much that on the creation of ‘Mallory Knox’ they didn’t want to stop writing it. Over five different sessions and 14 months of recording the band worked tirelessly, never happy with what they had and always confident that the next song they write would be even better than the last. “We only went in to record four songs initially but then we should have known better that we were going to keep on writing” Douglas laughs, remembering how they started out with the record. “The whole album was a total learning curve in terms of us writing music in a different way than we had before. We could have gone on for another five years and kept saying that we had another one in us. Writing music is when I am at my absolute happiest though. It will always be my driving force.”

They say that you only get one self-titled album in your career, so you better make it count. Yet there was something about this collection of songs that the band, completed by guitarists Joe Savins and James Gillett and drummer Dave Rawling, just felt was absolutely perfect for such a moniker. To listen to these 12 slices of riff-wrangling majesty is to hear Mallory Knox in their truest and most cohesive form. Stripping things back to the bare basics of song-writing and not adhering to whatever sound that the people around them wanted them to make, this is classic-in-the-making British rock for the masses coming straight from the heart. 

The Cambridge four-piece are set to embark on an extensive UK headline tour in September and October which will even take them to places they’ve never played before. Mallory Knox will also play a special album release show in their hometown of Cambridge on 16 August.


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