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Calling All Astronauts - Ask 6

HOW DID YOUR NAME ORIGINATE? It’s actually a really simple story, like most bands we were struggling to find a name, once you’ve passed all the usual joke names, it gets tricky, than I saw a headline in a newspaper, NASA were looking for astronauts, and the headline read “Calling All Astronauts” - WHERE WAS YOUR FIRST GIG AND HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE? Our first gig was actually quite impressive, we played the main stage at Guilfest, opening for the Roger Daltrey and Echo & The Bunnymen, it was a bit of a nightmare, because for the first two songs the click that tell us when a song is starting went out through the PA on not through the monitors….aaaaarrrggghhh!, then J’s amp went down on the fourth song, so we had to quickly DI it after his pedalboard, there were quite a few people there even though we were on just after midday. - WHEN WAS YOUR LAST DAY OFF AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT? I never get a day off, as I’m Daddy Day Care so I just try to work on the music whenever my daughter doesn’t need my attention, I have a lot of late nights - WHAT IS SOMETHING - APART FROM YOUR PHONE OR WALLET - THAT HAS TO BE IN YOUR VICINITY AT ALL TIMES? Haha I refer you to the previous answers, obviously my 2 year old daughter, I always have a cup of tea or coffee close to hand, I stopped drinking on all but special occasions several years ago, and now seem to always have the kettle on, day and night. - WHICH SONG BY ANOTHER ARTIST DO YOU WISH YOU'D WRITTEN? There are loads, if I had to pick one it would be rather unfair on all the other tunes I love, but as you’ve asked me, I’ll go for “Collapsing New People” by Fad Gadget, however if you’d asked me yesterday, I’d have said Scuffletown by Avail, I pretty much wish I’d written evey song, I ever listen to - WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST SURREAL FAN MOMENT? The most surreal is also the most scary, I once had a fan on twitter, cutting while messaging me, I continued talking to her for several hours until I was sure she was OK, it was really terrifying, thankfully it had a good conclusion and she’s fine now


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