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JC Stewart video for I Need You To Hate Me

Heartbreak. The disintegration of a relationship. We’ve all been there, and we can all relate. And one artist illustrating this tumultuous time with unbridled raw emotion is Northern Irish singer-songwriter JC Stewart with his latest track “I Need You To Hate Me”.

Introspective lyricism, textured production and his powerful surging vocals are just some of the reasons the artist has already been tipped for big things this year.

And the visuals powerfully depict this chaotic relationship breakdown, with the opening shot setting the scene with a car dramatically ablaze, the flames engulfing it entirety.

On the video, JC Stewart explains: “Honestly, when I asked if we could set a car on fire outside an old country house I was half-joking. But here we are. I’m so proud of this video and it represents everything I want this song to be. Epic, emotional, ambitious. It was amazing to have Emilia Jones involved as well. She’s an unbelievable actress so it was honour that she said yes! Hope you enjoy!”


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