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Album of the Week: Naked Six - Lost Art Of Conversation

British rock trio Naked Six have unveiled the video for ‘Lost Art of Conversation’, the title track from their upcoming debut album which is out on March 6th via Silver Lining Music.

‘Lost Art of Conversation’ is an acid-tongued analysis of society’s digital infatuation and the many ways it has changed how we interact – or don’t. The addition of snarling guitars and a goliathan rhythm section permeates the track with a sense of unignorable electricity, making ‘Lost Art of Conversation’ the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll cocktail that will keep listeners coming back for round after round.

Naked Six have also shared ‘Grapevine Telegraph’, a track with a bounty of spitfire energy that further serves as proof positive that Lost Art of Conversation is set to be one hell of a debut album.

‘Lost Art of Conversation’ and ‘Grapevine Telegraph’ follows the release of ‘Song of the City’, which highlights the cruel hand life can often deal with, a biting sense of grit that is underscored by Naked Six’s signature sense of vigor.

A briskly-bubbling stew with hints of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, bits of Nirvana and slivers of Queens of the Stone Age, Seb Byford (vocals/guitar), Tom Witts (drums/percussion) and Callum Witts (bass/keyboards) don’t just make the raucous racket of a six-piece. They also create bridges of empathy between them and their fans as they dive head-first into topics such as mental health and the importance of heartfelt communication in an increasingly fraught world.

“It is so important to be open and not shut your doors,” says Byford, “because a lot of people forget that everyone wants the same things - love, compassion, empathy…”

…and one raucous, entertaining, life-affirming journey. Lost Art of Conversation is precisely that and more – a debut which earmarks Naked Six as an exciting, electric, spiritually generous trio who want to deliver and share their perpetual psychic motion with everyone.

Naked Six are embarking on a select number of UK dates in April, providing fans with an opportunity to hear songs from the album performed live for the first time.


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