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If you are a business and want to reach your customers in a most cost-effective way, then check out our fantastic online advertising rate.

You will have a hyperlinked image here on the website that will link to your website. The advert will appear in the header, so will appear on every page with a link to your website.

There will also be full interaction on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.

There is also 'sponsor' space on radio station and syndicated radio show with extremely reasonable prices


To discuss rates, please use the contact form below with 'Advertising' as your subject header.

No radio station/show can tell you exactly how many people listen in. It's always a guesstimate based on asking a few hundred people every now and again.

However we do know the total potential reach of the show - with the most that could listen in being in excess of 5 million across the UK, USA, Canada & New Zealand. 

Success! Message received.

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