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Album of the Week: The Parlotones - China

Put simply, The Parlotones are potentially South Africa’s biggest selling pop/rock act ever with 900,000+ albums sales worldwide. All the more impressive when you consider this has been achieved via independent record labels in just a few key markets. Double Platinum, Platinum and Gold Records saturate the band’s discography. Their live story is even more humbling having played live to over 2 million people in their career to date. Add to that the 1 Billion people that watched the band on TV as they opened the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup, and you get a sense of this band’s success so far.

In 2003, The Parlotones self-released their first album, the raw Indie tinged Episoda, an album which quickly drew comparisons to bands like The Smiths and Coldplay. This Indie sound was the first of its kind in South Africa and quickly labeled The Parlotones as one of the freshest sounding bands on the scene, paving the way for their sophomore (and breakthrough album), which would cement their success and catapult them to the stars they are today.

Having celebrated the 20th anniversary of their band last year, The Parlotones initially booked a week at the High Seas Studios in Johannesburg in 2018 to record three tracks. However, when they emerged four months later, they had twenty-five. “We are really looking forward to bringing a new, yet familiar sound to all of our fans and allowing them to interpret what each song means to them,” says vocalist/guitarist Kahn Morbee. “The songs mirror thehuman journey and reflects our melancholic as well as blissful sides laced with questions about life and our perspectives. We’re all thrilled about the end result and can’t wait to share it with the world.”


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