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AMULET premiere epic new English Civil War video “Roundhead”

As Amulet's acclaimed new album 'The Inevitable War' (8/10 Metal Hammer UK) is released on vinyl via Dissonance/Back on Black, the band premiere a full new music video for their epic English Civil War era track 'Roundhead' album closer. Watch “Roundhead” here: Marek 'Heathen' Steven from the band comments; "Roundhead is the key track on the album and it has a great historical theme so we wanted a suitably epic video. Looking into it, the long-established and brilliant "The Sealed Knot" English Civil War re-enactment company had a - perfectly timed - huge public event in April at historic Basing House in Hampshire." "The house is a palace that was razed by Cromwell's parliamentarian forces during one of the largest sieges of the civil war. The ruins are still there and the original 'Great Barn' is completely intact. The Sealed Knot and Hampshire Cultural Trust allowed us full access to the House, the Great Barn plus their event generally and troops. We had very great time making it in such a beautiful and historic location and we enjoyed hanging out with the Knot troops too with many ales drunk that night. Roundhead!" AMULET launch the vinyl in London with a party at Crypt Of The Wizard on Friday July 12, 2019 and an intimate gig at Helgi‘s in Hackney on the 14th.


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