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Bowling For Soup & WWE Present: Alexa Bliss

Wrestling and rock music have been intertwined throughout the years to great success. Now the Grammy nominated legendary pop punk band Bowling For Soup have teamed up with one of WWE's biggest stars to bring you the next chapter of the two worlds colliding with a fantastically catchy new single.

A couple of years ago, WWE Superstar and then Raw Women's champion, "The Goddess" Alexa Bliss revealed in an interview that Bowling For Soup were her favourite band. This led to her striking up a friendship with Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick, with Alexa and the band regularly swapping social media posts and Jaret being invited as Alexa's guest to the 2018 Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Last year Bowling For Soup returned the favour, with Alexa being invited on stage at a Spring 2019 Bowling For Soup show.

Fast forward to Autumn 2019 and Bowling For Soup were in the studio, crafting riffs and melodies for their next single. The idea for what, or more importantly who, that single should be about came naturally - Alexa Bliss!. With a main riff thats perhaps the heaviest in the history of Bowling For Soup, combined with frenetic verses, a chorus bigger than their home state of Texas and more references to Alexa Bliss and WWE than an episode of Smackdown, this is a song that will thrill fans of BFS, WWE and beyond.

What does Alexa Bliss think about having her very own song written for her by her favourite band? Lets hear directly from Alexa herself:

"This song is amazing :-) filming the video was such a great time I had a blast. It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when your favorite band in the world makes a song about you. And Jaret is always so fun to work with and be around :-)"

Meanwhile, Bowling For Soup main man Jaret Reddick has been equally as enthusiastic about working with Alexa:

"Meeting Alexa Bliss was insane! Here is the freakin' WWE Womens champ, and she likes our band! I’ll admit, I checked her socials after we met the first time and saw that she had worn our shirt in a photo, and tweeted about listening to us in class while still in Ohio haha...

We became fast friends. She has been such a pleasure to get to know and has been so awesome to me and my family...why WOULDN'T I write a song about her?!? ”Five feet of amazing!!!”


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