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EP of the Week: Be Quiet, Shout Loud! - Fake Emergency

The Teesside alternative collective BE QUIET. SHOUT LOUD! release new EP, “Fake Emergency” available on October 18th.

Following their critically acclaimed Another Commotion EP, BE QUIET. SHOUT LOUD! are wasting little time as they are back and armed with a release that’s brimming with huge pop hooks and synth rock jams; with a message.

BE QUIET. SHOUT LOUD! have recently been decimating international stages. From Olgas Rock festival in Germany, headlining the NARC Stage at Stockton Calling. Now, they are set to headline their own all dayer as their EP release show that’s features some of the finest acts form The North East and beyond. The band are already looking towards album territory next year, and with their rapid assentation and unique brand of sequined indie pop, BE QUIET. SHOUT LOUD! are coming for your dancefloors….

“A zippy chunk of off-kilter pop, which gradually builds into a sky-scraping, indie-disco floor filling, sonic blast of yee-ha” -The Crack Magazine

What the band has to say: “All of the songs are linked via the pressure of life in general, methods of escaping the pressure and mental health. Answerphone - is about burying your head in the sand, I Will Be There is an appeal for people not to suffer in silence and for friends not to allow friends to suffer in silence. Scream! Clap Your Hands is aimed at the undue stress and strain politics can forced upon people and their relationships and you know, fuck it - let’s have a dance instead. Having fun is more important than putting yourself through the wringer. Paranoid is about err, well... paranoia!”


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