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SEAN DUGGAN to release remastered EP 'Cage The Hurricane' on July 19th

Sean Duggan is a young, up and coming, multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter & poet from the depths of South Birmingham.

Sean started playing the guitar at the age of 11 and penned his first song aged just 12. When he was 14 years old he played his first ever acoustic gig to a rowdy crowd at a local open mic session and hasn't stopped gigging since.

He self-released his solo Début E.P, "Cage The Hurricane" in 2018 to a small, but eager fanbase and it brought him to the attention of the SoundLab management company. The EP contained a collection of songs representing Sean's view of the human soul.

With over 50 original songs in his repertoire, plus an additional 50 covers that he plays at his live shows and often online; Sean Duggan is an artist to look out for!

2019 Now sees him signed to his new managers, SoundLab, with a new single called "She's Got it All Figured Out" on the Wobbly Music label released on April 5th 2019. A brand new EP is currently in production for release in July. 

'Sean adds... "Music and art in general are the only things I'm good at! I've made a point to try (at least!) to never work a standard job again. I feel like music's me. Even if I can only just make ends meet; I have a drive to play music, share feelings, connect with people, and be human; so I'll never stop''

But don't just take our word for it! Here are just a few comments from the hoards of new fans that are "discovering" Sean Duggan on a daily basis...


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