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Single of the Week: A Life Divided - Addicted

Imagine if you could send your latest favorite rock record on a journey through time and into the past - what would it sound like? That's exactly what A LIFE DIVIDED had in mind when creating their new album 'Echoes' out January 31st on AFM Records.

"It was during the 80s when we first came into contact with music. At that time I bought my first Adidas Allround sneakers, let my hair grow and played the songs of my metal heroes on guitar", recalls vocalist Jürgen Plangger, songwriter and producer Erik Damköhler was more of a synth-wave fan back then. "That's how we came up with the idea of mixing our A Life Divided-style with the typical synth-sounds of the 80s. 'Echoes' as a result was something completely new: 13 songs that combine our dark alternative rock with the zeitgeist of the 80s”.

Jürgen Plangger states: "The songs on the new album "Echoes" revolve around the theme of finiteness and the echo that is left from all of us. Finiteness is threatening when we love and live, but it can also be comforting when we grieve, experience hurt or have been disappointed. But there is always an echo, a quiet reminder, of what was."

The fans can really look forward to it and meanwhile enjoy the new singles 'Enemy' and 'Addicted' which are available now on all streaming platforms and as videos on Youtube.

A LIFE DIVIDED's new album 'Echoes' will be released on January 31st on Digipak, limited edition coloured Vinyl, limited edition Box Set.


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