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Single of the Week: FARE - You Are

LA to New York pop duo Fare make their return with Indie-Pop anthem ‘You Are’ via Sony Music Entertainment’s The Orchard. Writing, composing and producing everything themselves, Fare blend airy electronic synths with indie pop vocals, constantly crossing genres with vocal and melodic production.

Comprised of Ryan Lafferty and Charlie Maynard, the duo met in college where they performed in numerous indie rock bands. It wasn’t until 2018 that the duo fused together to form Fare. With a fresh take on their sound and production, Fare delivers us unique, electronic, indie-pop anthems.

Working together across the country, with Ryan in New York City and Charlie in LA, Fare strive to represent the adaptability required to achieve something you love, stating: “We think about the creative pursuit, and in a broader sense, the struggle that anyone who’s passionate about something can really relate to. Fare is representative of that. It’s the price we way to pursue our passions.”

When asked about ‘You Are’, Fare stated: “This song is about trying to find confidence where you may not see any. So often I think that people look outward when trying to find their value in the world and forget that what really makes them is on the inside. It's really a song about trying to show someone that they naturally own a room when they walk in, but don't have the confidence in themselves to realize it, so the song is really just saying that you want that person just the way they are, inside and out"

‘You Are’ combines striking vocal melodies, fused with catchy lyrics and a toe tapping electronic synths. Showcasing flawless electronic production and alt pop lyricism, Fare come back stronger with every release and are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Fare are set to release ‘You Are’ September 13th via Sony’s The Orchard.


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