Our plugging campaign is ideal for bands and artists wanting a start in the industry through to established artists. With your music sent to youth radio, hospital radio, university and college radio, RSL radio (restricted license radio stations) local radio, specialist podcast shows and internet radio shows. Plus we’ll add in suitable regional radio stations and add in suitable national stations as well – for example, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC 6 Music, Absolute Radio, Planet Rock Radio, Kerrang! Radio, Radio X, Virgin Radio, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Scotland. (We wouldn’t send a heavy metal track to Radio 3 for example).


We will help you choose the best song to obtain the most radio plays and set up your song in the correct format and size for radio stations to play you. We will send you updates on the plays and feedback you have received so you can get the most out of your plugging campaign. We will actively push your latest release and continue to contact our contacts to ensure you receive maximum air play.


We’ll also help you with your biography, feedback on your photos, help make your song as radio friendly as possible and plug you on The Sound Lab Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

We will initially plug your single as a standalone mail out including the new single download, images, bio, social media links, video and access to any other assets you provide.

We will plug your song weekly, adding you to our mailout. The mail out is sent on a Friday and you will be added until airplay drops off (If you are getting plays after 6 months, we will still promote you), receiving feedback immediately with the main update coming after your first week.


You will be added to The Sound Lab website and your updates will be sent to a number of bloggers, webzines and publications too. You will receive continuous stats about who’s listened to your track and hear what DJ’s have said about your song.


You may be wondering what we have achieved already. We have helped bands and artists achieve plays on Radio 1 and 6 music, Heart and Virgin in recent months and plenty of reviews too plus many more. The Sound Lab has been branded as the ‘Go to place’ for new music with the director having been called an ‘Ambassador for new music’ and ‘A leading specialist in the industry’.


You can be assured that The Sound Lab will do our best to get you the radio plays you deserve. With plays across over 60 stations on The Sound Lab radio show with the stations broadcasting to over 5 million listeners per month across 8 countries. You will also be added to The Sound Lab radio station’s Alternative Tracks playlist.


We only work with bands and artists we feel are radio friendly and that have a good chance of picking up excellent airplay results.


We send an invoice to you via email which acts as a contract between us. Once the payment has been made, we will provide a list of everything that we require from you.

Packages start from £250


‘As an independent musician on a limited budget who loses the will to live because I have to organise every aspect of the business myself, Jim's affordable service, connections in the industry and results are a godsend for promoting my music on my behalf.’


'The Sound Lab did really well for us to be honest. We experimented with 2 tracks, one really heavy and one commercially friendly. They sparked interest in US that gave us access to be played on radio stations worldwide. Should we have a new single to plug we'd get them on board without hesitation.'


Thanks! We will be in touch shortly.