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Apocalyptica announce UK and European co-headline tour with Epica

Cello metal giants Apocalyptica unite with Epica to entertain audiences all over the continent from Budapest to Barcelona on the Epic Apocalypse Tour. The two will co-headline and will be joined by the exciting, progressive metal band Wheel, who will open each night with their engaging juxtapose of time-defying grooves and deep social exploration.

“This is all about adventure, exploration and bringing the dynamic excitement of symphonic metal to yet more fans both old and new” says Eicca Toppinen. “Both ourselves and Epica have the chance to reach each other’s audiences and also continue on our own exciting, and unique journeys. As we’ve said before, Cell-0 is, for us, a return to our roots while exploring new artistic universes within that realm, and this tour will help our horizons expand even further. So come one, come all, because we are going to present a great night of entertainment.”

Simone Simons from Epica is equally excited. “To celebrate the upcoming release of our long awaited 8th album, we are going to bring the 'Epic Apocalypse Tour' to Europe together with our friends from the mighty Apocalyptica. It's a great new step as we'll be playing some new, bigger venues which allows us to add some new exciting production to the show as well. We couldn't be more excited to present our new songs and to finally tour with Apocalyptica. See you there!”

With Apocalyptica and Epica guaranteed to push each other to new heights every night - not to mention some exciting new production - the Epic Apocalypse Tour is not one to miss under any circumstances.


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