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EP of the Week: Aimee - Confession

Aimée’s highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Confession’, has finally landed and is available now, via Universal Music Ireland. When writing the EP, Aimée says: “I wrote it with only one goal in mind, to make people feel something. Considering this is my very first EP and my very first body of work, I had a choice of creating something cool & expected or creating something honest & real. I chose to be honest & real because that’s who I am as a person. So, this kind of feels like sharing my diary with the world. Hello World! This is my confession…” The powerful anthem, ‘What My Mamma Gave Me’ also lands today and is the Dublin singers latest single to be taken from the EP, with its official music video set for release this coming Monday, 30th March. Of this single, Aimée says: “Saving my favourite till last on the EP! A song dedicated to every Mam out there who dedicated their life to make their children feel loved, safe & inspired. My Mam was my soulmate, my biggest inspiration. I try every single day to make her proud. I just know that she will be singing and dancing to this one in heaven…” Aimée recently released the highly personal fan track, ‘I’m Ok’, along with an emotive lyric video that hosts a nostalgic montage of family photos that include Aimée’s Mam, who the song beautifully pays tribute to. Prior to her current focus track, ‘What My Mamma Gave Me’, Aimée released her top 30 Irish radio hit, ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’, the first track to be taken from this stunning EP. The pop anthem received global radio support with numerous stations including The Dominican Republic, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Nambia, Spain, Switzerland, and 125 stations across the UK.


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