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EP of the Week: Blanks - Blanks

If your idea of music is happiness and (over-)excited energy then you should definitely check out Blanks. The Dutch musician rapidly built an international fanbase with his Youtube channel ‘Music by Blanks’ which he started at the age of 15 and has more than 1-million highly engaged subscribers to date.

Blanks has just dropped the first indie-pop anthem of the decade with the infectious new single "Sweaters" from his forthcoming EP out this March.

He had a big 2019, releasing a steady stream of singles throughout the year to his rabid fan base. Singles "Wave" and "Higher" topped 2-million and 1-million streams respectively, proving Blanks has had a groundswell of organic growth. "Sweaters" is the latest effort that sees his uplifting sound continue to thrive.


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