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EP of the Week: Dead Lakes - New Language

On New Language, singer Sumner Peterson writes honestly about his experiences with anxiety attacks and tumultuous repressed emotions, a young adult who continues to struggle with life’s biggest questions and struggling to fit into society. And yet, his instantly recognisable voice, layered atop the hook-laden bounce crafted by Max Statham and Legacy Bonner, Cody Hurn and Chon Adam, soars with powerful purpose. Whether the passing of a close friend, mitigating the circumstances of betrayal, or burdened with feelings of hopelessness, the melodic urgency and sincere optimism underlying Dead Lakes music always persists right below the surface. “I like to write in a way that is, sometimes considered, maybe too straightforward. I used to write lyrics in more metaphorical ways, whereas now I just say exactly what I mean. For me, there’s a different level of vulnerability writing this way.” Peterson shared with Alternative Press in a recent feature. “It’s a little nerve-wracking to have thousands of people know where I’m at mentally when I still haven’t really opened up with the people close to me. Release days double as ‘I finally get to figure out what’s going on in Sumner’s head’ days for a lot of people close to me. I think it’s important to be honest and open with lyric writing because that’s what gives the listener something to really relate to in a genuine and raw way.” “NOGODSNOMASTERS” was one of the first tracks written for the 2020 EP, with a heavier slant anchored in the band’s earlier influences while building a bridge to the future. Lyrically, the song is an examination of Peterson’s feelings about narrow-minded strains of religion, with steadfast determination to chart his own course. New Language, both the title and song itself, is all about breaking free from predetermined systems and the freedom to create one’s own set of values and lifestyle. “Pull me back because you’re my paradise / I’d swim in this water but it’s cold as ice,” Peterson laments in “Paradise,” an anthemic song with a huge chorus, about the battle to climb up from despair, even with a helping hand. The energetic and fast-paced “Close 2 Me” takes an unflinching look at the fear of intimacy and vulnerability. “SMS Happiness” was initially intended for an R&B side project, but found its way into DEAD LAKES, heralding an ever-developing aspect of their overall sound.

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