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EP of the Week: Derange - Senses Part 1

Formed in 2013, Derange is made up of Cat Pereira (Vocals), Nick Crosby (Guitar), Justas Brazdžiūnas (guitar), Joe Farrel (drums) and Joe Macpherson (Bass).

Derange, London's purveyors of 'Sassrock', are a wall of tech-influenced alternative-metal, accompanied by imagery, inspired by cinema and video games. They’re a sonic mix of angst and diversity, described as a ‘perfect blend of metal madness and subtle beauty, all topped off by the haunting and powerful vocals of Cat Pereira’.

Russ Russell describes her as ‘one of the best vocalists I’ve ever come across’.

In 2015, their debut album ‘The Awakening’ was released along with their single ‘The Thinker’, which received great reviews from publications such as Metalhammer and PowerPlay.

Dom Lawson described ‘The Awakening’ as ‘an accessible and melodic verve that sets it apart from the majority of band’s contemporaries, and with Cat’s gracious disinterest in conforming to anyone else’s rules, this band, have enough charm and conviction to take them all the away’.

Leading to 2016, Derange went on to play Bloodstock Festival on the Sophie Lancaster Stage as well as Hard Rock Hell. Following an exciting festival season, the band took their time to write and bring their new material to fruition.

Since joining Elicit Music in 2018, Derange has released singles “Runaway” and “Divide”, which were welcomed with great reviews and have set a new path for their new sound. This has led to playing shows with Exist Immortal, On Hollow Ground and Bloodywood in early 2019.

Earlier this summer, they also stormed the after-party stage at Tech Fest, making them one of the best revelations of the weekend. With an upcoming UK tour alongside Valis Ablaze, and with show offers flooding in, Derange are using their time wisely to get their audience excited to hear what’s in store for the future.


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