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EP of the Week: Fiona Silver - Hostage Of Love

Known largely for her soulful twist on Rock ‘N Roll, and her “fearless experimentation with all sorts of genres” [Culture Collide] Fiona Silver manages to capture and contain both raw power and vulnerability. Silver is a pixie-sized powerhouse, born and bred in NYC with a take no prisoners punk ethic. Black Book calls her music “gritty and sexual”.

Paste Magazine states,"femme fatale, an heiress apparent to Amy Winehouse... or a modern day chanteuse given her spit and sass, Fiona Silver clearly demands immediate attention." Silver has also been praised by KROQ FM, Pure Volume, Inked, and Ladygunn to name a few. Word has stretched to the U.K. where Phoenix Magazine named her a “female pioneer smashing glass ceilings...torching patriarchal rock” and Huffington Post calls her “a force to be reckoned with.”


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