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HACKTIVIST release video for new single 'Dogs Of War'

UK grime-metal quintet HACKTIVIST have revealed the video for their brand new single 'Dogs Of War'. The track, out now via UNFD, follows the band's previous single 'Reprogram' which marked their momentous return earlier this year. 

Not afraid to speak out about world issues, 'Dogs Of War' explores the normalisation of warfare and how it affects us in more ways than we may realise. 

"This theme is very important to us especially as we are in an age of seemingly perpetual warfare," the band comment. "Everyone is affected by these continuous wars in some way, even on subtle levels through taxes, fuel prices and economics.

"We wanted to address the fact that war has now become a normalised part of everyday life and how it's increasingly clear that it's being conducted in the name of control and profit. The other factor is that, as much as we're all dogs of war being dragged into one international campaign after another, it's the armed forces on all sides who are being used and exploited to an even higher degree."

'Dogs Of War' was also inspired by anti-war material that co-vocalist J Hurley had been researching during the writing and recording of the song, which included a series of talks by Mark Passioand George Orwell's themes of "double think" and "news speak".

"The concepts all joined together very easily and we hope it's going to start changing the way that this 'War on Terror' is seen by people," he adds. "It's been non-stop since 2001, the war is older than some of the soldiers involved in it! Why does everything keep going on like business as usual while our governments are moving from conflict to new conflict, with seemingly no end? The romanticised view of going solemnly to fight a war in the name of duty and freedom is far from the reality of what is going on here."

A band that have played on Reading & Leeds and Download Festival main stages and toured alongside Korn and Enter Shikari, HACKTIVIST are fired up with a reignited passion as they prepare to record their new album - ready to show the world what they are truly made of.  

The quintet recently supported Gojira in Amsterdam and appeared at Submit Fest and Taman Festival, and have additional European live dates set for later this year - more details to be announced soon.  

In a world where nobody knows the entire truth about why we’re here, who built the pyramids and what they were for, why we have such a destructive nature towards our planet and ourselves…A world where the only thing we know for sure is that we are living in a well-constructed downward spiral and the technologies that were supposed to make things better are of course making us worse. In a world where any attempt to find the truth or talk about these systematic anomalies got labelled as a “conspiracy theory” – finally the conspiracies are stepping out of the darkness and theories are being proven daily. As Science Fiction is becoming more and more factual and it’s getting very clear that we are on the brink of a revolution of sorts, HACKTIVIST are here to paint a silver lining around our clouded society. With not only a musical revolution of their own, continually blending genres in a way like no others, H also represents a voice that isn’t afraid of saying what needs to be said. They are already living in the future, you have the choice to either be shaped by it or to stand up with them and help shape it together. They're HACKTIVIST, they’re H, are you? 


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