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Interview with President Street

Stylistically elusive from day one, there's good reason critics can't quite box the sound of PRESIDENT STREET into any one genre; tentatively calling it "pop fusion".

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and fronted by Pete and Ruby, the larger PRESIDENT STREET family came together after a series of serendipitous meetings from introductions, auditions and even some online scrolling. This eclectic bunch ranges from theoretically trained to not at all; early musical starters to later in life; and with influences ranging from metal to pop and RnB to rock.

The origin of the name is in a street in Perth where Pete grew up; representing the cycle music plays in our lives, so deeply attached to feelings and memories. This connection of emotion and music strongly guides the songwriting process.

Their instincts, abilities and musical versatility helps PRESIDENT STREET create a unique and ever surprising sound you can't quite put your finger on.


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