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Single of the Week: Crystal Tides - Deserter

Crystal Tides are set to release their new single ‘Deserter’ through DistroKid, on 22nd November 2019 across all digital platforms.

Crystal Tides are a four-piece Indie Rock band based on the South - Coast of England, who take influence from classic noughties guitar riffs and modern feel-good pop melodies.  The band have built momentum following the release of several successful singles and have sold out multiple shows in their hometown of Portsmouth and also in London. With George Regan and Sam Pennington creating a strong rhythmic foundation on bass and drums respectively, the band is completed by Harry Knowles on lead guitar, and Billy Greogory on rhythm guitar and vocals.  New single ‘Deserter’ showcase a strident energy, dazzling vocals and outright confidence in its own sound that would fit comfortably on many a mainstream, or indie chart.  

Speaking of the inspiration for their new single ‘Deserter’ the band commented, “Deserter is about a former band member and close friend who left the band for reasons unknown and unexplained to us; someone that we thought we were close with but just left out of the blue and has now cut all ties with us. This song represents our feelings about this loss and the uncertainty it has caused for each individual member and also collectively as a band.” ‘Deserter’ was recorded at Old Chapel Studios, Nutbourne, produced by David Evans, mixed by Paul Burton and David Evans and was mastered by Pete Maher.

Of their evocative name singer Billy Gregory commented, “We wanted our upbringings and where we are from to be reflected in our name, being born in a coastal city like Portsmouth, it just felt right to us to be called Crystal Tides. We wanted something that sounded summery and made you feel like you were close to the sea when you heard it, bringing back your favourite childhood memories of playing by the seaside. Crystal Tides represents growing up but still having the fun, excitable child within that we love to express with our music.”


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