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Single of the Week: Dr!ftwood - IN2U

The three slightly maniacal but lovable lads who make up DR!FTWOOD, Hugh Aitchison, Nathan Walker & Marcus Maddox are back with another in their ever growing armoury of absolute genius songs. “IN2U” may highlight their collective lack of spelling ability but that aside the track is another infectious anthem, laden with more hooks than a trawler and one of those tracks you start singing along to after one listen. DR!FTWOOD just have the knack of writing absolute bangers and once you see them live you’ll experience the delights of a mass of bodies dancing and singing along.

The guys have been together for a couple of years, constantly honing their sound and their craft whilst releasing their music. With a pretty eclectic list of influencers, from the likes of 1975, Ed Sheeran, LANY through to Busted, they have created a lush sounding, commercial slanted, pop rock sound which has been further developed and enhanced by working with top Producer and Wit, Michael Smith at RYP Recordings.

Signed to a leading Management Company in London, DR!FTWOOD are currently playing a lot of gigs across Manchester, Leeds. Hull, Preston etc. and are confirmed to play their next London show at the Water Rats on the 15th October. Their live performances are not to be missed, they really are quite exceptional and are guaranteed to move the stiffest of limbs.

IN2U is another track from their RYP sessions and was mastered at the legendary METROPOLIS STUDIOS. It’s an infectious beauty of a track, a chorus that means you’ll be singing ‘over and over again’ (that’s because they’re the lyrics!) . It’s another opportunity to hear how DR!FTWOOD are becoming one of THE bands to look out and they have plenty more to come.

Everyone is going to be talking about these guys in the months ahead, three of the hardest grafting, nicest, funniest characters you’ll be glad you’ve met or spoken to. Keep watching, keep listening DR!FTWOOD….


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