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Single of the Week: Heart Of Gold - Over Yourself

Singer / songwriter Michael McGough is known for his work as vocalist and guitarist in rock-band Being As An Ocean, and now his new independent project Heart Of Gold has partnered with SharpTone Records. Drawing influence from ‘situations involving specific people and places’, Michael has captured a distinct sound that mirrors late eighties and early nineties pop / rock.

"I grew up between two households", says Michael. "My mother brought in this incredible range of Pop/R&B to my life. However, my father’s house was complete with rock and roll. I’ve always been so drawn to dominant vocals in a song, accompanied by just the right chord progression that really makes you feel something. Whitney Houston and Lisa Stansfield in particular were the leaders of that. That's what I wanted to do. The Smiths, Queen, Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin all brought in a wide range of vocal ranges, and really portrayed how the voice can really work when accompanying the right music."


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