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Single of the Week: Patent Pending - Punk Rock Songs

New York's Patent Pending are making August a pop punk paradise for fans in the UK, with a new single, alongside a tour which includes appearances at Reading and Leeds Festival.

The new single "Punk Rock Songs" graces centre stage, the first original music since the bands' 2015 release Riot Hearts Rebellion. The track is very much a milestone in the decade long career, being a retrospective look back at the journey that has entertained the masses. The lyrics speak of a specific incident in London, with one particular fan, telling the story of what all Patent Pendingfans know, that it's not just a show, or a song, it's a family.

Singer Joe explains the background to Punk Rock Songs: "To me, Punk Rock Songs is the perfect glimpse into the lives of Patent Pending. It’s written to illustrate the love we have for this band, the music we make and the people that we are so privileged to share it with. Every line in the song showcasing the seemingly hopeless path of struggle that we’ve encountered on our way to becoming the band we are is contrasted with a line about the simple joys that keep us going through our most difficult times. This song is a true testament to the heart and soul of this band.".


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