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Single of the Week: Sheppard - Die Young

Brisbane band Sheppard continue to pepper us with quality pop songs; their latest, ‘Die Young’, is no exception.

Released on Friday, the track follows on from their empowerment anthem ‘Kiss My Fat Ass’ and their ‘Eurovision Decides’ single ‘On My Way, both released earlier in the year.

After vocal surgery left lead singer George out of action for an extended period of time, thoughts turned to whether there was a future at all for Sheppard as a band.

“We began to ask what we wanted next, for ourselves individually, for the band and for our fans,” George explains. “We wrote ‘Die Young’ as though it was a ‘final’ Sheppard song; a song about appreciating each day and living it as though it was your last.

“Sheppard as we’ve come to know it has changed, we’ve grown as artists and humans over the course of the last eight years of playing and writing together.

“I’m sure we’ll keep changing and growing as the years go on, but it was nice to be reminded that the core members of this band aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“At the end of the day I realised it wasn’t the end of Sheppard, it was just a shift. I’m not sure what happens next, but I’m the most excited to get back to making music than I’ve been for a long time!”

If they can continue to churn out quality locally-created pop songs like ‘Die Young’, we can only hope that the future remains blindingly bright for Sheppard.


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