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Single of the Week: The Shadowboxers - Honeymoon

Having toured with Justin Timberlake, Indigo Girls and received support from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, The 405, R&B infused pop trio THE SHADOWBOXERS share harmonious single ‘Honeymoon’ December 6th.

Bridging the gap between classic, harmony-driven melodies and contemporary pop production, The Atlanta-born collective began performing together in college. After two years on the road touring alongside the GRAMMY-Award winning duo Indigo Girls, TSB caught the eye of Justin Timberlake, who immediately signed the group to Villa 40, then taking the group on the road for his Man of the Woods world tour.

2019 marks their tenth anniversary together as THE SHADOWBOXERS. A decade’s worth of compromise has brought the group to this moment of clarity, no longer straddling lines of past and present, genre and subgenre, stating: “This new chapter really speaks to our versatility as a group, as well as the timelessness and undeniable appeal of genre-spanning music.”

The trio are now poised, more than ever before, for their future as THE SHADOWBOXERS.


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