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Slam Dunk Festival Completes Jagermeister Stage

Infamously recognised for hosting only the hottest, heaviest acts on the planet, Slam Dunk Festival’s Jägermeister Stage is set to continue their legacy in 2020 with eight extraordinary acts. Celebrating 10 years of the now-synonymous Slam Dunk x Jägermeister pairing, the hosts previously announced Sheffield’s favourite sons While She Sleeps as the stage headliner. Slam Dunk and Jägermeister have now revealed the full line-up, completed by Canadian tour de force, Counterparts and Brit metallers Blood Youth.

Speaking on their return to Slam Dunk and Jägermeister appearance,

Counterparts’ Brendan Murphy says;

“Slam Dunk is one of the best festivals we’ve ever been a part of, and we’re so stoked to do it again. If we got asked to fly across the world for 2 shows for any other festival, I’d be pissing myself laughing but for Slam Dunk, we’re there. Not only does the fest rock but we get to see some of our closest friends and some of our favourite bands as well. Literally cannot wait.”

Blood Youth say:

“We're stoked to be playing Slam Dunk 2020, this festival took a chance on us four years ago when we were first getting started and we've been eager to return ever since. We're coming back to SD with a heavier sound and even bigger show. See you there.”

In addition to the ground-breaking headline performance from While She Sleeps and highly anticipated return of Counterparts, the Jägermeister stage will play host to punk incarnate Refused, welcome the reunion of homegrown hardcore in Your Demise and give way to the visceral Stray From The Path. Fellow Canadians and heavy icons Comeback Kid will be stepping onto the coveted stage following an unmissable performance from Australian mob Deez Nuts and opening performance from Blood Youth.


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