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Emily Daccarett - Ask 6

HOW DID YOUR NAME ORIGINATE? I was in class one day and out of nowhere, my teacher turned to me and said if I ever started my own brand (I was studying fashion design in Paris) I had to use my full name, my friends all agreed that I should, and that stayed with me. When I moved to LA to start my clothing brand followed through and naturally kept it for my music. - WHERE WAS YOUR FIRST GIG AND HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE? My first gig was in the Hollywood Hills in this castle like venue. There were around 80 people, it was a private event. - WHEN WAS YOUR LAST DAY OFF AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT? My last day off was Sunday (March 8th) which happened to be the Holi Color Festival. It felt so great to dance and cover people in different colors. - WHAT IS SOMETHING - APART FROM YOUR PHONE OR WALLET - THAT HAS TO BE IN YOUR VICINITY AT ALL TIMES? My laptop! I need it, you never know when inspiration might hit! - WHICH SONG BY ANOTHER ARTIST DO YOU WISH YOU'D WRITTEN? National Anthem by Lana Del Rey. It’s so poetic and rhythmic. I love her unique way of storytelling. - WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST SURREAL FAN MOMENT? A fan came up to me after my gig and surprised me by knowing all my songs and my fashion work. I spent the next 15 minutes taking pictures and posing with him. Having people enjoy my work is such an incredible feeling, I’m beyond grateful to everyone who supports me!


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