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Jamie Lenman - Interview from 2000 Trees 2019

JAMIE LENMAN has today released his brand new single, a cover of 'She Bop' and Seal, taken from his brand new album 'Shuffle' which will be released on July 5th through Big Scary Monsters (The Get Up Kids, Orchards, American Football, Martha).

Watch the video for 'She Bop' - HERE

From Jamie on the choice of track - "I've loved Cyndi Lauper since I got her greatest hits on tape at the age of ten, and in fact this isn't the first time I've covered one of her tunes. I've got all her records, I've read her book, she's a true icon and I hope she digs what I've done to her song. It just seemed like it would work so well in that sorta garage-disco sound, just a big fuzzy bass guitar and drums with a slap-back fifties-style echo on the vocals, and I feel like we managed to pull it off!"

More from Jamie, this time on 'Shuffle': "Shuffle is just around the corner now and I can hardly wait to unleash it on the public! We've put a few tracks out there over the past few months and I think people are starting to get a better idea of the scope and sound of the record, but believe you me, we've only scratched the surface!"

JAMIE LENMAN will host a competition winner, fan invited album listening party on Wednesday the 3rd July in London where 80+ super fans will be able to hear 'Shuffle' for the first time with Jamie talking about each track before and after they are played. He will also be at the below record shops for some in-stores week of 'Shuffle' release:


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