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Lucifour M - Ask 6

HOW DID YOUR NAME ORIGINATE? It is a joke....almost a mock to is based on "Lucifer Sam" song...we wanted and evil name....and it became like that...maybe too much drinking! ;-) - WHERE WAS YOUR FIRST GIG AND HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE? Our first gig was in berlin and it was tremendously hot...there were maybe few hundreds people...all got almost naked at the end! ;-) Great fun! - WHEN WAS YOUR LAST DAY OFF AND WHAT DID YOU DO WITH IT? We are off now...almost shut down I would say due to Corona Virus restrictions in Italy...but we will get out soon! - WHAT IS SOMETHING - APART FROM YOUR PHONE OR WALLET - THAT HAS TO BE IN YOUR VICINITY AT ALL TIMES? Some music to play of course!...We love to listen to any kind of music, only request is that has to be good! ...we are openminded and curious to discover new sounds... - WHICH SONG BY ANOTHER ARTIST DO YOU WISH YOU'D WRITTEN? Any song by Stevie Wonder! - WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST SURREAL FAN MOMENT? When somebody sings your song is surreal enough to me! Isnt it?....:-) It is what I love about has the ability to go and live by itself...then when somebody very far from you...or very diffferent for culture, age, or whatver...loves and sing your song...well that is really wonderfully and increadibly great!!!!

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