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Man With A Mission - Interview from Download 2019

Japanese superstars MAN WITH A MISSION have released their brand new single ‘FLY AGAIN’. The band have released an amazing video for the song, filmed at their recent 50,000 capacity headline show at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium, capturing the huge scale of the Japanese rock phenomenon and their rapturous following. Originally released as the B-side of their debut single in Japan in 2011, ‘FLY AGAIN’ was quick to turn into a tearaway hit for MAN WITH A MISSION in their homeland. It is amassive live favourite with fans of the stadium rock stars and the phenomenal demand for the track has not let up in eight years. And now, due to its continued stature as a huge live hit with their fans around the world, the song has been chosen to be a featured track in tonight’s episode (April 29th) of the TV show Radiation House, adapted from the hit manga series.

MAN WITH A MISSION have now re-recorded it for an international release proper as ‘FLY AGAIN’; a hi-octane cut with danceable rock riffs, vinyl scratching and one of the most addictive and inescapable choruses ever to come out of Asia. Having now sold out a number of headline tours in the UK following the release of their massively acclaimed debut international album Chasing the Horizon last year, the band return this summer to play Download Festival on June 14th. ‘FLY AGAIN’ is available to stream on YouTube now, and will be made available to download and listen on all streaming platforms from May 10th worldwide.


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